UHP/Compress Fitting


"NanoPure" is a brand of Gas Delivery Total Solution, belongs to King Lai Group, who was founded 1991 in Taiwan and expanded production facility in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China. Supplying tubing/piping and fitting materials service for Semiconductor, FPD, LED and Photovoltaic industries, the core idea of "NanoPure" is providing "High purity materials" with high-quality components for gas delivery applications.

Gas supply and delivery is always the topic to study in Semiconductor processing. To ensure the accuracy of the processing, the purity of gas sources is the vital factors. Keeping purity while the gas has been transferred into processing tools is highly monitored by process engineers.

"NanoPure" is composed of people who are specialist in stainless steels fabrication. By making sure the selection of the finest materials, we provide the finest products. The key point is how to control the quality of materials which makes a big difference in welding quality while installing or welding assembly. There will be potential impurity or inclusion in the welding process. Therefore, electropolish is the solvable process for increasing reliability of stainless steel against corrosion gases.

"NanoPure" aims to provide the highest quality products, so quality control and uniformity are essential points to promise customers. In the meantime, we do put emphasis on the details of products such as dimension and tolerance which are important for quality control and therefore remain the high yield rate for assembly. Operational packages can be followed according to the customer's instruction, the ranging from normal standard clean package to Ultra High Purity cleanroom package.

"NanoPure" In addition to UHP products, we also provide various products needed by various industries, such as Oil & Gas Industries, Process Instrumentation, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Analytical Instrumentation, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, and Natural Gas

"NanoPure" considers every single key processing during the fabrication.

Our goal is keeping?Continually improvement to reach customers’ satisfaction!



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